Success Story: Schlössli Centre in Biel

Entry into the 2.0 era

The Chronic Care Centre Schlössli Biel-Bienne offers outpatient and inpatient care for people who require continuous care and supervision. The centre is synonymous with quality and professional competence and shares values of humanity, respect and tolerance.

Its hospital service has 130 beds at two sites in the city of Biel-Bienne, and 36 flats adapted for the elderly and disabled. The centre employs around 180 people who cover the needs of 140 positions. In 2014, the centre has launched a major project to renovate and expand its infrastructure, including the complete renovation of an existing building and the successive construction of two new buildings. The work will be completed in 2020.

Tailored to the centre's specific needs, the SmartLiberty system evolved in parallel with the various stages of the construction site, on which they were closely modelled. Selecting the functionalities necessary for the smooth running of the establishment, the Schlössli centre and SmartLiberty have composed a professional mobile security and communication system.

Entry in the 2.0 era

Wishing to meet the growing requirements of an institution that welcomes chronically ill patients and residents in a private, competent and human-friendly centre, Schlössli Biel-Bienne AG has chosen SmartLiberty to support its organisation in the management of care and alarms. The advantages of the chosen solution :

  • Safety at your fingertips and greater autonomy for patients and residents

  • Quick and targeted help for care teams, for an improved sense of security with technical alarms throughout the site

  • Unified and mobile communication for an efficient and flexible organisation

  • Intranet and mobile Internet access for more efficient care documentation and for better social interaction.

Managing the complexity of the project throughout its duration

The challenge was multifaceted: modelling our work on the three main stages of the project, anticipating all possible risks and proposing adjustments as early as possible, managing departures and arrivals during the project, demonstrating flexibility and team spirit - all without ever losing sight of the final objective, namely a professional, reliable, efficient system operating on three buildings and facilitating the daily lives of all those involved. Our recipe: continuous, transparent and comprehensive communication and a great deal of commitment on both sides, even when new constraints arise. We have established an excellent collaboration with the project team, which has been very responsive and open to our proposals. »

Nicolas Maurer • Project manager SmartLiberty

Reliable partnerships make the daily work of customers easier

Dedica has been working with the Schlössli centre for many years. Critical systems such as ERP and electronic resident records are managed by dedica in a state-of-the-art server park in Bern. The electronic workplaces are made available via Citrix, offering maximum flexibility at Schlössli Biel-Bienne. A good connection to the server park as well as a stable and well-supervised network infrastructure are indispensable for providing this service 24/7. This was made possible at Schlössli Biel-Bienne thanks to the excellent work of SmartLiberty, which guarantees the stable operation of the IT infrastructure and significantly simplifies working procedures."

Benjamin Carisch • Head of IT division by Dedica

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