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A new brand for a mobile application that integrates with your existing nurse call systems

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SmartLiberty is the company behind the motica brand.
Founded in 1998, SmartLiberty has been offering a dedicated application for long-term care since 2012. In 2020 this application is being improved, expanded and redesigned to meet the requirements of the users, the care professionals, even better.

Initially, the application was only available to users of the complete SmartLiberty solution, but due to the popularity of the application since its release, SmartLiberty decided to offer it also on existing nurse call systems on the market and to change its name. This is how the brand motica was born. 

Today, SmartLiberty is a company with over 45 employees. Each one of them contributes to SmartLiberty's primary mission; to make the work of caregivers easier by giving them more time for care and to give more freedom to the residents of your facilities. The SmartLiberty team is happy to count on the support of its partners to offer a complete application to every customer in Switzerland and Europe.

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motica for...

The choice of the name motica is not insignificant. Indeed, SmartLiberty's objective has always been to offer more time for care through a simple, complete and intuitive solution. Since 2020, the company has even made this its new slogan; more time for care. It seems then obvious, that this app, which is a complete digital platform for care, bears the name that defines its primary objective. So if you break down more time for care you will find motica.

An application to meet a goal - more time for care