Success story: Nursing home Parc de Beausobre

Modern and evolving

Located in the town of Morges, the EMS Parc de Beausobre is a modern establishment currently accommodating 82 residents for these geriatric and psycho-geriatric missions. This institution is a member of the EHC, the Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte, which brings together several hospitals and nursing homes spread along the Lake Geneva coast.

Developed tailor-made for the client's needs and in parallel with the design of the building, SmartLiberty's system has been an integral part of the nursing home since its opening. Currently installed on the Parc de Beausobre site, the solution should soon be in service in another nursing home of the group, with a capacity of around fifty beds. 

Modern and evolving

Among the different characteristics desired for the security of the establishment, Julien Lecourt and his team were looking for a flexible system that could evolve and keep up with innovation. Due to the dual structure of its mission, the chosen solution also had to be totally modular in order to be able to switch to a purely psycho-geriatric mission.

Decision elements

Having discovered SmartLiberty at a specialised Curaviva conference, the solution brought together all the functionalities required to run the establishment. Wireless, connected, with a fun and easy to use interface and a precise anti-wandering system were the key decision factors for this organisation, which proceeded with the commissioning in May 2015.

Also staff-oriented

In addition to being developed for and around the resident's daily life, SmartLiberty's solution also provides great support to staff members who can now work more calmly and efficiently. Furthermore, André Jordan, accommodation director of the hospital complex also likes to highlight the quality of the collaboration with the after-sales service for the good services provided and the optimal functioning of the system. 

The ability to call for help from anywhere and at any time is very reassuring for our residents.

Julien Lecourt • Infirmier chef adjoint de la direction de l'hébergement, EMS Parc de Beausobre

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