Success Story: Foyer Handicap Foundation

The Foyer Handicap Foundation is a place to live for people with physical disabilities. It was founded in 1983 and has two homes, one in Neuchâtel and one in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The home in Neuchâtel offers 30 individually furnished rooms for residential admission, a day care unit dedicated to receiving people living outside the home, and a studio for temporary admission. For the well-being of the beneficiaries of the Foyer Handicap, the institution offers paramedical, occupational therapy and rehabilitation services as well as a hotel service and various entertainment and leisure activities. The Foundation promotes the reacquisition and maintenance of motor, cognitive and social skills, adapting to the abilities of each individual. 

The Foyer Handicap enables persons with severe physical disabilities to be integrated into society by preserving their self-determination and respecting the life choices of each individual. In addition to being a place of residence, the home is also a place of work: residents and other external people work in computer workshops or at the post office with adapted supervision and at their own pace.

Thanks to the SmartLiberty solution implemented at the Neuchâtel site, the working atmosphere for the care teams of the Foyer Handicap Foundation has become much calmer.

«The Smart Liberty solution fully meets our current needs and provides development opportunities to cover any future needs.  »

Fabrizio Cilli • Director of Foyer Handicap Foundation
The SmartLiberty solution fits naturally into an evolution of the infrastructure at the Neuchâtel site to better meet the needs of the home's residents and staff, as well as the need for security and protection of today's digital data.

The Foyer Handicap Foundation would like to provide its residents with close care in which individual needs are always in the foreground. For this reason, the Neuchâtel site has replaced its internal DECT nurse call system with a modern solution that enables more efficient processing of resident calls, but is also suitable for the collection of photos, e.g. wound photos The foundation wants to ensure that the daily needs of the residents are taken into account and that care times are guaranteed without being interrupted, in order to promote comfort for both the residents and the caregivers. It was therefore only a logical conclusion to replace the old nurse call system with the SmartLiberty solution. Especially since the SmartLiberty solution has already proven itself in many nursing homes.

The new system is accompanied by a reorganization of the nursing staff into several small multidisciplinary teams. These take care of several groups of residents with homogeneous care levels. The fact that a small team is responsible for a single group of residents allows a high quality and "tailor-made" care, respecting the rhythm and habits of the residents. The Smartliberty system supports this convenient organization by forwarding only the service or resident calls to the care professionals concerned. This has shortened the intervention time with the residents, which of course leaves more time for care, but has also strengthened the relationship between the residents and care professionals. This is of utmost importance to us.

In addition, the global visibility and traceability of resident calls offered by the system allow a qualitative analysis of possible undesirable events and the needs of each individual, in order to continuously improve internal processes as well. ​

Residents and employees completely satisfied

Just one week after the system was introduced, both employees and residents noticed significant improvements. The critical point - and at the same time the primary goal in the specifications - to reduce the waiting times of the residents, was already reached after a short time. Even the care time itself has been positively influenced by the introduction of the system, which the residents are very pleased about. 

The nursing staff, for their part, also benefit from various advantages: For one thing, they always know exactly who is on duty each today, which colleague can be reached, and which nurse should not be disturbed at the moment because they are busy providing care. In addition, residents can be localized in real time, which means that support can also be provided quickly to mobile residents. At the same time, the system also provides both acoustic and visual information as to whether and who of the colleagues has already taken over the alarm. The facility's fire alarm and emergency call system is also forwarded to the smartphone.

All in all, the working atmosphere has become calmer, which has significantly improved both the quality of life of the residents and the quality of work of the nursing staff.

A professional project team

The expectations of the SmartLiberty system were fully met. The project went smoothly and was managed by a professional team. It was always available to advise us during the implementation and made it easier for us to make the important and correct decisions within the project. In a next step, Foyer Handicap would like to expand the use of the system by installing additional applications. The next step will be to evolve our usage with the installation of applications that will allow easy access to our care record software. Through the use of mobile care documentation, the work processes are to be optimized so that important information is transferred directly to the care files of the residents via the smartphones of the care professionals. 

Foyer Handicap - A success story to follow!

Une success story à suivre !

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