Success story: Dahlia Oberaargau

Pleasant and comfortable

Dahlia Oberaargau is a group specialising in long-term care facilities at the foot of the southern Jura.

The organisation is not only known for its social medical institutions and retirement homes, but also for its wide range of services in the field of long-term care. With the facilities at Herzogenbuchsee, Niederbipp, Wiedlisbach/Attiswil and Huttwil, the group provides a capacity of 310 beds for people requiring long-term care.

The SmartLiberty solution, which will soon be in service at all dahlia sites, provides valuable support in the organisation of care and alarm management.

« Pleasant and comfortable»

Faithful to its own model, dahlia is modern and innovative. Thanks to its open-mindedness to the world, the group is constantly looking for solutions to improve the quality of life of the residents as well as the daily tasks of the staff. For Mr. Neuenschwander, this effort is concluded with the discovery of a system that makes you feel at home: "We didn't want a noisy and uncomfortable system like the one currently used in hospitals"

Mission accomplished

After the installation of the system in 2014, the objectives were achieved quickly after a short introduction period. Thanks to SmartLiberty's willingness to learn from the nursing staff, the company was made aware of the progress and challenges of daily work. Residents quickly recognised the usefulness of the alarm system that was put in place and recognised real benefits in their day-to-day interactions with the nursing staff.

Benefits for all

A discreet, pleasant and efficient system. For the dahlia group, everything is in the system and they can no longer imagine working without SmartLiberty! Smartphones offer good readability and traceability of alarms, which makes it possible to work much more serenely and, consequently, more efficiently. In addition to this, the wandering management function allows an open and secure life throughout the entire institution.

Working with Smartphones offers great advantages in the management and monitoring of alarms.

Urs Neuenschwander • Manager of Herzogenbuchsee, Niederbipp et Huttwil sites

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