Success Story - Alterszentrum zur Rose

For more than three decades, Alterszentrum zur Rose in Reichenburg has been providing services for people in need of care, offering them a beautiful and dignified home and preserving their quality of life.

In a loving environment, the Alterszentrum zur Rose accommodates 48 residents and provides basic geriatric care. Guided by a cooperative and innovative philosophy, the center provides professional care services in a family atmosphere. This also includes adjacent retirement apartments with a doctor's office as well as a cross-generational care concept (caring community), which rounds off living and life in old age.

The philosophy revolves around upholding the dignity and showing respect to every resident. Privacy is sacred, and the freshly furnished rooms create a comfortable atmosphere. In addition, Alterszentrum zur Rose offers a wide range of activities to suit each resident's individual abilities, including trips, gymnastics, movie screenings and more.​

The residents are the core of our work.. Therefore, our nursing staff is available around the clock to assist them quickly and efficiently. Our staff dedicates time, listens attentively, and strives to fulfill every resident's wishes. Our primary objective is to provide individual, attentive, and compassionate care to our residents until their very last moments.

"The expectations we had were even exceeded with SmartLiberty. Thanks to the SmartLiberty system, we can work more efficiently and provide more security for our residents. Our staff is enthusiastic about the system and could no longer imagine working without it.

Reto Weber, Director

All the functions we need on one platform:

SmartLiberty has transformed the retirement center's operations by consolidating essential functions onto a single, integrated platform, encompassing telephony, resident call, and technical alarms. The managing director describes it as a game-changer, stating, "Its simplicity has revolutionized our daily tasks." After 15 years, the retirement home found itself in need of replacing its outdated telephone and resident call systems and to invest in the future. Following a carefull evaluation of various options, they opted for the SmartLiberty solution.

One of the standout features of SmartLiberty is the app's user-friendliness. This ease of use swiftly convinced the existing staff to adopt the new system, while new employees could be trained effectively and rapidly. The benefits of the SmartLiberty platform extend to the nursing staff, the technical service and administration teams. Technical alarms are seamlessly displayed in the same app and can be managed with remarkable ease and efficiency. Furthermore, the entire administrative process can be conveniently handled through the smartphone app.


More security for residents:

The implementation of SmartLiberty not only met but exceeded the requirements of the nursing home. This cutting-edge system has significantly enhanced resident safety by introducing the resident badge, which enables emergency calls from anywhere within the facility. The utmost priority of the retirement home is to ensure residents remain the focal point of care and receive prompt assistance during emergencies. The system provides real-time location to quickly locate residents and provide rapid assistance.​


An extremely professional sales process:

The sales process surprised the home's director, Reto Weber, in an extremely positive way. Measurements for GSM and WLAN were taken at an early stage, which led to concrete plans and offers that were also adhered to. The project team acted in an exemplary and proactive manner at all times. The installation took place in record time. The contract was signed in May, and six months later the system was up and running. The general manager of the house happily confirms, "Since the go-live of the system, we have never had an interruption. We are very satisfied!"

We are looking into the future:

After the first step into digitalization with SmartLiberty, the nursing is now integrating the ​ Qumea system. This is the first project where both systems have been installed and integrated. Thanks to an API, Qumeaalarms are displayed directly in the SmartLiberty app..

QUMEA is the most advanced and comprehensive system for fall prevention and mobility monitoring in hospitals and care facilities. Using a unique sensor and smart, yet easy-to-understand software, QUMEA continuously monitors each patient's activity and mobility and automatically summons help based on each resident's individual needs.

With QUMEA the retirement center is optimistic about the future. As the numbers show, there will be a significant shortage of nursing staff in the coming years. With technologies such as QUMEA and SmartLiberty, the center aims to provide optimal support to caregivers and make their daily lives easier.

In addition, relatives often expect immediate assistance in the event of a fall. However, the fact is that our residents are at home, and nursing staff do not constantly monitor their rooms during the day. Without fall detection, residents could be on the floor for long periods of time, unable to make a call. Thanks to the Qumea radars kwe can respond faster and in a more targeted manner, which can help avoid hospitalizations and allow residents to recover more quickly. By integrating Qumeaalarms directly into the SmartLiberty platform, there is no additional workload for our staff, who can continue to work with a single tool. Reto Weber is convinced that technologies like SmartLiberty and QUMEA will become the standard for care facilities in the future. For Alterszentrum zur Rose, this is already a quality standard.​

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