Customized Trigger Mechanisms for People with Disabilities

Not everyone can make themselves known with a simple press of a resident badge. This article highlights how technological solutions help people with limited mobility live more independently.

Various Trigger Mechanisms

Simple Triggers: These devices, also known as "buttons", allow sending a signal through various actions such as pressing, blowing, pushing, stroking, or squeezing. This signal is then transmitted to the call system via a radio module.

Innovative Sensors: For people who can only make themselves known through noises, muscle tension, or blinking, special sensors offer a solution.

Environmental Control Devices: These devices assist people with physical disabilities not only in triggering an alarm but also in interacting with the building control system, TV, or phone.

Integration into Existing Systems: The integration of such triggers into existing call systems is crucial. SmartLiberty offers efficient solutions, such as our “sensor modules” with jack input or the “sensor board”, which can be directly integrated into the triggers.

Practical Example

Our "Jelly-Bean" is an example of a product specially designed for people with low strength. It is equipped with the SmartLiberty sensor board and is therefore immediately ready for use.

Collaboration for Customized Solutions

The Swiss Paraplegic Group (SPG) and Active Communications in Steinhausen are part of our network. They offer comprehensive consultations and specialized solutions for individual needs. Visit the online shop at for more information..


Each person has individual needs, especially when it comes to call systems. Therefore, it is important that your call system supports such triggers and that you work with experienced partners to find the best possible solution.

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