Simplified alarm management, communication at your fingertips and even more security, here is a small overview of the functions available when you take the first step towards digitalization!


Ein vereinfachtes Alarmmanagement, Kommunikation auf Knopfdruck und mehr Sicherheit . Dies ist nur eine kleine Auswahl der Funktionen, die Ihnen zur Verfügung stehen, wenn Sie den ersten Schritt in Richtung Digitalisierung machen!

Mobile alarm management 

All alarms on one platform, transmitted to the right people in real time.

Security and data protection

Highly secure platform and GDPR compliant.

Mobile telephony

Connected staff reachable in one click and all your contacts on hand.

Integrated tools

Flashlight, stopwatch, specialized camera, all the tools on your smartphone.


Quickly find the history of alarms, you can sort them as you wish and thus reassure the members of the family.


Real-time transmission of important information to your teams. Choose your recipients and the duration of your message.

Your care records

Your care record applications are also integrated with the motica app. You can access each patient's file from your smartphone. This simplifies your daily work.

More information

The motica App reveals itself

Mobile alarm management

  • Take-over function
  • Escalation level of alarms
  • Dynamic group allocation
  • Voice output of alarms

Les alarmes telles que les appels résidents sont transmises de façon sécurisée sur les smartphones du groupe de soignants responsable du résident. La prise en charge peut être signalée afin de s’assurer qu’un seul soignant se déplace, ce qui améliore l’efficience de l’équipe.

The temporal, coloured and segmented representation of the alarms makes it easy to distinguish escalation levels. Different levels of escalation can be assigned to each type of alarm

Security and data protection

  • GDPR compliant
  • Consideration of the Adult protection law
  • Fire regulations
  • Highly secure Samsung Knox platform

The use of smartphones as a work tool requires maximum security of the device but also of the motica  app. This is why we recommend working with Samsung, which allows the activation of a security platform.

Mobile telephony 

  • Centralized directory
  • Grouping by user roles and groups
  • Overview of connected staff and their status

The motica application turns the smartphone into a suitable working tool for long-term care. Currently connected staff can be reached with a click, eliminating the need to remember internal phone numbers.

Grâce à l’affichage en temps réel des statuts des personnes connectées,  le nombre de dérangements inopportuns diminue fortement. La recherche d’une personne par nom, par groupe ou par rôle est idéale pour rapidement trouver le bon interlocuteur disponible.

Integrated tools

  • Care photos (wounds)
  • Stopwatch with sound intervals
  • Flashlight
  • Photos for maintenance teams
  • Photos for animation

Quick access to the Flashlight, picture taking for wound documentation, technical service or animation, as well as the stopwatch with pulse measurement function, make the daily work of the nursing staff easier and help your facility to save valuable time for care every day.


  • Traceability of alarm procedures
  • Simple search and filter function
  • Easy administration tool
  • Management of contacts, residents and staff in one place

L'historique vous permet de tracer les actions pour chaque alarme et chaque résident. Un outil qui vous permet de rapidement rassurer les familles. L'outil administration donne un accès rapide aux actions sur un résident, un contact ou le personnel soignant. Gérez vos résidents, votre personnel, vos contacts ou vos visiteurs en quelques clics directement sur votre smartphone.


  • Send information in real time to your teams
  • One-way transmission of messages
  • Time validity of messages
  • Priority messages (with alarm sounds)

Thanks to the messaging function, important information can now be transmitted directly to your teams' smartphones. This is the ideal way to avoid long phone calls or e-mails that are not read in real time.

Messages can be addressed to everyone, to a group or to a specific role. They remain displayed only as long as they are valid, which allows people starting their day to be immediately up to date with the information.